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Afternoon gloom —

I know it will soon

be time to tread the snowy path home.


A distant candle

lights the way

to my fire, my books, and my love.


And tomorrow the sun

will rise a bit sooner

dispelling the darkness a little bit longer,


melting away

the frostbitten edge

of this unsung penumbra of night.



(c) 1988, 2018  Betty Hayes Albright


(An old, unpublished poem, taken out of mothballs.)



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path in woods by Jason


Sunlight hugs our path

curling around each corner

leading with promise.



(c) 2018  Betty Hayes Albright

(Photo by my son, Jason Judd)


Wishing everyone a Happy Solstice,

a Merry Christmas,

a wonderful celebration of the season,

and fulfilled hopes for the New Year.  💚



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At your center

lives a piece

of the sun

waiting since always

for stillness,

for a spark of desire

to fly inward,

to focus on a Self

larger than worlds.

Dwell there awhile

and the light

will follow you home.



(c)  1982, 2018  Betty Hayes Albright


Photo taken in 2013

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Underneath the frost it turns

hidden in a fog it churns

winter snaps its coiled whip

cracks the ice but holds its grip.

It wraps the trees in shiver beads

chews on shadows, spits out seeds

to grace the gardens flocked in sleep

waiting for that northward leap

of the wandering, prodigal sun.



© 2014, 2017  Betty Hayes Albright


Wishing everyone a gentle Winter’s Solstice

and a peaceful celebration of the holidays – the holy days –

whichever days are sacred to you. 

For in the end, each day is sacred and precious.  


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We leave our warm houses

and walk the long path

to the meadow, where shadows

are caught in mid-freeze


and stillness becomes us,

a breath in the thickets

a widening of eyes

the gentle padding of time.


And from the trees

rays of sun

splay through dark branches

and land at our feet


as we raise up our arms

to welcome the moment

when light reacquaints us

with Light.



(c) 2003, 2017 Betty Hayes Albright


(re-post, revised)


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This tall stretch

of a winter’s day

scrapes silver

from the crumpled sky.

I turn to face

a southern glow

with eyes upraised

and heart thrice full –

O Sun, I’d woo thee

north again

to light this shadow land.


(c) 1993, 2014 Betty Hayes Albright

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(just one more Solstice poem… )


Light tumbles south

below the belt of winter

barely touching noon shadows,

yet premonitions dance

in sleeping gardens –

and as the sun

finally catches its fall

the earth

spins a new

song of hope.


(c) 1994 Betty Hayes Albright

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