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Sift lightly through my memory,

let me catch a bit of thee,


I slumber in the speckled sun,

my laces – they have come undone,


fall softly through an open dream,

you bring berries, I’ll bring cream,


we’ll build a tower, peal the bell,

no stranger, love – I know thee well.


© 2014  Betty Hayes Albright 


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She could start digging

at an angle

through dirt and rock

and iron crust

until the cave grew long

and glistened

with old rain

and her shoulders

would slide through it

like in a birth canal

and she would struggle deep

in black hard-pan

till after centuries

the ceiling would grow thin

and there would be lights

and she would crack through

into another land

close beside a fire pit –

and the grave

of a well-loved dog.


(c) 1995, 2012 Betty Hayes Albright

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